• The Menorah Center to host a meeting of the Dnipro historical club.

    Tkuma Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and the Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum invite to a meeting of the Dnieper historical club to take place on November 30 at 14:00 at the Menorah Center (elevator B, 3rd floor, video room).

     The event is timed to the Day of Remembrance of the Holodomor Victims in Ukraine. The theme of the meeting is the “Unknown famine in Ukraine of 1928-1929”. The guest speaker of the event is Lyudmila Grinevich,...


    The “Shalom baby!” Family Club invites children from 2.5 years of age to a puppet show “Trickery and Leprosy of a Cunning Fox”.

    A funny and instructive tale about how bad it is to be a little rogue.

    Easily and unobtrusively, actors play to the audience an instructive story about a fox – rogue, who himself has suffered because of his own tricks!

    Secrets and complexity of the acting profession are opened through the play for young viewers.

    And a happy ending of the fairy tale will give everyone a good mood!


  • The “1C-Bitrix” All-Ukrainian seminar to be held on December 4 at the Menorah Center.


    The “1C-Bitrix” All-Ukrainian seminar is planned on December 4 at the Menorah Center for those who plan to create or upgrade an online store.


    The seminar program to include:

    • What you need to launch a profitable online store? Presentation of the “1C-Bitrix” platform.

    • Current tendencies and trends in E-Commerce.

    • What should you choose: the adaptive design or a mobile...

  • The Menorah Center can become the “Cultural and Entertainment Venue of the Year”.

    The Menorah Center is nominated in the category “Cultural and Entertainment Venue of the Year” of the award “Artis 2014″ and has every right to win.

     Since its opening, the complex has already become both the hallmark of Dnepropetrovsk, and the main center for large-scale events in the city and the country. Many of these events have become socially relevant and have had great success among visitors and residents. These include a mini-golf tournament on the roof, the Dnepr...