“The fate is in your hands” Action at the Menorah Center

A charity event, devoted to the World AIDS Day, was held at the Menorah Ballroom of the Menorah Center. The event brought together pupils, students, representatives of public organizations and physicians.

The organizers prepared an interesting concert program for their guests. Theatrical performances, touching and instructive skits, performances of mimes, singers’, as well as specialized professionals, focused on drawing public attention to this urgent problem of our time.

Each participant was handed out white palms, on which the information about the transmission of HIV was spelled out.

The head of the regional branch of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “The All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS” Alexander Kolesnik said the following: “The main aim of the action is to tell young people in plain language about the dangerous disease. The younger generation needs to know it inside out”.

The director of the regional health center Yuri Korjagin expressed his opinion: “People need to know why AIDS is dangerous and how it is transmitted. Such actions are very interesting and instructive, information is provided in the form of games, and therefore easy to remember”.

The action took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere, with participants holding hands. That’s how they showed: AIDS is not transmitted through touch.