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The Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum of the Menorah Center received a gift of priceless exhibits

Unique relics with great historical value were transferred to the museum as a gift from Gregory Yankelevich Dolyar, a Jew from the city of Konotop (Sumy region).

Gregory Yankelevich went through the Mogilev-Podolsky ghetto and miraculously survived during the execution of Jews. The Museum received extremely valuable exhibits, which tell about the traditions of the spiritual life of the Jewish people and of the dark years of the Holocaust. In particular, an old Torah scroll that people were able to save in a ghetto, and that itself had helped to save lives, because the precious stones from the scroll finish were used to buy out from the Nazis and save several lives.

Another thing is a hoop. It was also used in the ghetto. Despite the terrible life there, young people married each other and tried to believe in the possibility of further better life and procreation.

Additionally, the museum replenished its collection with samples of ancient prayer books and religious literature.

Based on the materials from www.tkuma.dp.ua