“Building a successful business on the Internet” seminar at the Menorah Center

The experts from the All-Ukrainian Internet shopping portal Prom.ua held a seminar in the Menorah Center’s Sinai hall.

The following presentations were made by:

• Ivan Portnoy, the Head of Product Development at the Prom.ua portal
• Vladislav Markovsky, the Head of Directory Development at Prom.ua
• María Popko, the Head of Marketing at Prom.ua
• Natalia Levenets, the Manager of Contextual Ads.
During the seminar, the professionals explained how to:

• make your online shop attractive to buyers and bring in more clients;
• serve customers competently, so that they kept making purchases at the online store again and again;
• properly configure the contextual advertising.

They also shared their practical advice on using the new portal’s features.