1C: Lecture Facility at the Menorah Center

Yesterday, on October 3, the Menorah Center hosted a seminar “Blocking the registration of tax invoices: actual problems and risks. The main issues of VAT accounting”.

Sergei Drobottya, a tax consultant, editor of the ITS column “VAT: tax rules and accounting”, provided detailed explanations regarding the latest changes in the VAT administration, namely, in order to complete tax invoices and calculate adjustments to them; registration and stopping of registration in the Single Register of Tax Invoices (SRTI), payment of tax to the budget and budgetary compensation of VAT and the like.

Coordinators at the ITS column “Methodological Support of 1C: Enterprises” answered the most common VAT accounting questions using the example of work in the standard configurations of “1C: Enterprises”.

During the seminar the participants got acquainted with the ITS’ possibilities and new services, received professional advice on the work of “1C: Enterprise” solutions, their support and maintenance.