Alfa Business Hub at the Menorah Center

On June 27, the Menorah Center hosted the Alfa-Bank Ukraine’s meeting within the framework of the Alfa Business Hub, an all-Ukrainian communication platform where representatives of small and medium-sized businesses – bank clients and leading experts in various fields – get together.

More than 200 meeting participants had an opportunity to learn something new and get advice from Ukraine’s leading experts in the field of effective use of finance for business development, systematic approach to the formation of a team of professionals, effective Internet sales tools.

On top of practical skills, the Alfa Business Hub participants also got a chance to make new acquaintances and find new opportunities for cooperation and business development. Holding meetings for entrepreneurs and experts is already a good tradition, which Alfa-Bank Ukraine started last year.

The main objective of the Alfa Business Hub is providing a platform for communication between clients, experts and Alfa-Bank, as between equal partners in various topics, including in the format of discussing current trends and sharing experiences in matters that are not directly related to the bank, while making it easier and more efficient to do business.

Alfa-Bank is confident that it is the small and medium-sized business that should become the driver of the development of a healthy economy in Ukraine, as in developed countries this segment forms 70% of GDP or more. It is only necessary to form an appropriate “climate” for the development of entrepreneurship.