Already very soon:The Winter Night in a magical toy store!

Soon the Sinai Concert Hall will get filled with joyful children’s laughter, as a fabulous performance The Winter Night in a magical toy store  will be on display at the Menorah. The director of this wonderful production, Honored Worker of Ukraine, Head of the Maski Folk Theatre Studio Igor Y. Trahtis going to tell us more about the show today.

– Igor Yakovlevich, please tell us a little about the theater involved in the show.

– The performers are mainly the actors of the Maski  Theatre Studio from the Palace of students of the O.Gonchar Dnepropetrovsk National University. This year the theater celebrated its fortieth anniversary. The members of the troupe are both current and former students, who are now successful doctors, teachers, businessmen, etc.

– How did you come up with the idea of ??The Winter Night in a magical toy store?

– The idea of our performance originates from the story of The Magic Shop by H.G. Wells. However, in Wells’ work there is a philosophical subtext intended for adult readers. While we have tried to create a fairy-tale entertaining and educational production that would fascinate and charm our young viewers. Both children’s favorite toys and those, with whom they may not be familiar because of their age, come to life in this performance. It is important that the kids of today become interested in the fairy-tale characters, with whom the entire generations have grown up. By the way, each year we stage Christmas performances for the employees of the university. This year we have an opportunity to speak to a wider audience in such a beautiful place as the Menorah center, which makes us very happy.

What is so special about this children’s performance?

– In addition to the 7-8 Maski Theatre Studio actors, the show also involves three more performing groups: the Rainbow Circus Studio, Mriya modern Vocal Studio and Rassvet Dance Theater. Thus, we will present the audience with a truly bright and cheerful holiday action.

– Is there any peculiarity when it comes to staginga children’s performance?

– Yes, of course. Children’s perception differs from the perception of an adult, so the performancefor kids should strictly distinguish between the “black and white”, “good and bad”. We also use such a technique as aparte, whereby all the attention of the performers is directed to the audience and the show characters communicate via the viewers. It is important to make a proper contact with the audience and to transmit a magic atmosphere of celebration and fun. The most important for us is to make sure children and their parents leave the performance in a good mood!

We remind that the children’s musical and theatrical performance Winter Night in a magical toy store will be on at the Menorah on December 23 at 11:00 am, December 26 at 17:00, also on January 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 at 11.00.

For additional information and to order tickets please call +38 (056) 732-05-05.