An evening with a satirist and actor Jan Levinson

On 7 November, at 19.00, the Menorah Center will host an evening of a brilliant satirist and actor, the “Odessa gentleman”, Jan Levinson.

Jan Levinson needs no introduction to the audience; it’s a great satirist, comedian, actor and host of popular programs, one of the members of the legendary KVN team of “Odessa gentlemen”. His “Art of Living in Israel” program will be the evening of celebration and good mood!

Also on November 7 Jan Levinson will give a press conference, during which he will answer questions from the media. The time and venue of the press conference will be announced additionally.

For more information and booking please call: +38 (056) 717-70-00, +38 (098) 826-36-76.

Attention! Accreditation for an evening with Jan Levinson runs until November 5 (inclusive). For accreditation, please contact:

Ekaterina Dubinka, the Menorah Center press secretary at +38 (056) 717-77-66,