Gala reception “Art of Being. Maestro Yves Saint Laurent’s lifestyle”

On December 7, the Menorah Center will host a reception dedicated to the great tandem of the Creator and Entrepreneur, and especially the outstanding personality of Yves Saint Laurent – the greatest French couturier of the second half of the twentieth century, who rose and worked triumphantly during the long 50 years. Interest in the Maestro’s work and admiration for him are alive to this day.

The event will be opened in the Sinai hall with the acquaintance with Katya Pertsova, as well as with the premiere of a specially created video about the Maestro. Next, the audience will be able to enjoy lectures with the following themes: “Great couple of the creator and entrepreneur: Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge”, “How the great brand was created. Sources of inspiration” and “Yves Saint Laurent’s lifestyle. Life and the interiors”.

At 21:00, the historic mansion Pchelkin’s House will kindly open its doors for the final evening part of the gala reception “Art of Being. Maestro Yves Saint Laurent’s lifestyle”.

During the reception, the House will acquire the atmosphere of Yves Saint Laurent’s main mansion on Avenue Marceau in Paris. Champagne and snacks will be served, as was the custom after each show, exactly 4 times a year. Opera roles performed by the true prima, music, dancing and fun will accompany this evening. As through the mysterious magic, maestro’s favorite musical pieces will sound. An opportunity to spend time in the amazing atmosphere that was being created for more than a decade by the designer, will be granted to everyone, who comes to the evening part of the reception.

A retrospective exhibition of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge’s historic photographs, their joint offspring – the great French fashion house “Yves Saint Loran” will run in the mansion.

Further details are available from the website:

For more information, please call +38 (067) 562-84-75.