Artist Margarita Gurevich’s original exhibition

A permanent original exhibition of the artist Margarita Gurevich opened up on the first floor of the Menorah Center’s Gallery.

Margarita’s creative work is already familiar to Dnepr painting lovers. According to the feedback from Margot gallery visitors, this is a special space, filled with dancing colors, luxuriously rich compositions, which are full of meaning, and always contain a kind of a mystery, ambiguity, open-ended question, to which everyone has to find the answer for themselves. Many of the works belong to the spiritual category and bring us some message: the liberation spirit belonging to the infinite expanse of the present and the future.

Stopping by at the Margot Gallery, one can plunge into the creative world and personally meet and talk with the author, who is always happy to receive guests with a smile and is there to greet every visitor.