Best wishes for the great holiday Pesach from the Menorah Center!

Today, the Menorah Center gladly opened its doors to welcome guests from all over the world. On Easter days, from the 10th to the 18th of April, a special “All Inclusive” program for children and adults was prepared here. Throughout all the holidays, the guests are received by the world class hotels: The Menorah Hotel and The 7 Days City Hotel. Treats are provided by the Menorah Grand Palace restaurant complex.
During Pesach, the Jews of Ukraine and the whole world come together with their families and friends to celebrate the liberation of their people from the two-hundred-year-old Egyptian slavery.

Pesach (Jewish Passover) is a feast of faith and hope, reminding that freedom is the gift of the Almighty to every man, woman and child. Throughout these days, the Jews are once again experiencing the history of salvation, praying for a more peaceful and hopeful world, where the blessings are given to all mankind.
During the Easter week, they do not eat bread, nor dishes from yeast dough, and in general from flour. This tradition comes from the fact that during the Exodus the Jews fled in haste from Egypt and could not wait for the yeast dough to rise. Matzah, unleavened bread, symbolically reminds them of this flight and struggle.

The Menorah Center wishes everyone the great Pesach, a holiday of spring and freedom!
Happy and Kosher Pesach!