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On April 21, the Blockchain Business Forum will be held in Dnepr at the Menorah Cultural and Business Center

April 21

This is the first event of this scale aimed at business representatives of the city of Dnepr. The conference will bring together experts on crypto-currencies, developers, lawyers and financiers.
The main goal of the organizers is to show business opportunities for using Blockchain and bitcoin to create new services and products, as well as to bring existing projects to a new level.

The main issues to be addressed by the speakers are:
– How is the Bitcoin payment network organized?
– What Blockchain projects have already been implemented in Ukraine and the world?
– How can Blockchain influence politics, medicine, notaries, business and finance?
– Why do Ukrainian businesses need Blockchain, and in which projects can you earn today?
– How to attract investments from all over the world to your Bitcoin startup?

Organizers emphasize that presentations will be understandable to non-technical specialists, people who for the first time encounter Blockchain and crypto-currencies.

Ukraine occupies one of the first places in the world in the development of Blockchain technologies. However, despite this, there are not a lot of projects that have already been implemented and are beneficial to society. A large number of enthusiasts, developers and start-ups need business support. This will allow innovative technologies to become more understandable for a wide range of people.

The event will be held at the Sinai hall of the Menorah Cultural and Business Center and to be attended by more than 300 participants. The conference will be followed by a party in one of the relax places of Dnepr, available for participation for speakers and premium ticket holders.

Time frame:
9-30 to 18-00
2Sholom Aleikhem St,
Contacts of organizers:
Dmitry Kovalchuk
+38 097 773 00 88