The first business conference Blockchain Business Forum

April 21

The first Ukraine’s conference on crypto currencies and Blockchain and Bitcoin technologies for entrepreneurs is to be held at the Menorah Center. The purpose of the conference is to tell business and public representatives about Blockchain’s innovative technology, as well as to provide the opportunity to use the latest products in the field of finance and attract investment from abroad.

The development of the Blockchain technology and the world of crypto currency has reached the level at which their use can greatly simplify the solution of many applied problems. One of the objectives of the event is to identify those opportunities that open up for the business and the ways to put them to life in specific projects.

The discussion program is to include:
• Philosophy of the crypto currency and decentralization as the technology of the future.
• Crypto currency against fiat money. For whom the future will be.
• Bitcoin as a means of payment, new opportunities and problems.
• Decentralized organizations, Smart contracts, Ethereum.
• Technological aspects of Blockchain, practical application of technology.
• Legal aspects of crypto currency in Ukraine and the world.
• ICO is a new method of attracting investment or replacing crowdfunding.
• The world’s first ICO case in real business.

The speakers are to include representatives of the Blockchain Foundation Ukraine, Blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and Blockchain enthusiasts.

We start at 9:30, end at 18:00
Participants: 300 people
Ticket price: from UAH 600

The organizer of the event is the Expo Center Meteor, with the support of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine and Incrypto.

Contact person for information partners:
Dmitry Kovalchuk, the organizer
+38 (093) 318 88 33