A big concert for veterans for the May 9 Victory Day

On May 4, the Chesed Menachem Charitable Foundation, supported by Joint, together with the Jewish community of the city of Dnepr, held a series of traditional events for the Victory Day holiday, the first of which was a big concert held in the Sinai Hall of the Menorah, the world’s largest Jewish Center.

The official part of the event began with the performance of the national anthems of Ukraine and Israel by the military orchestra of the Internal Affairs Department. Joint Leifer, the Second Secretary of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine, the Director of the Israeli Cultural Center Vyacheslav Smotkin, the Chief Rabbi of the city of Dnepr and the region Shmuel Kaminezky, the Head of the representative office of the Sochnut-Ukraine branch in the city of Dnepr Natalie Nabitovski, the chairman of the City Council of Veterans, Colonel-General Anatoly Kleshnya, the director of “Chesed Menachem” Anatoly Pleskachevsky and the Co-Chairman of the Council of Jewish Veterans Solomon Flax congratulated warmly the veterans with this significant day.

The official part of the solemn event was finalized by the Managing Director of the Jewish religious community Alexander Fridkis, who read the memorial prayer for the fallen warriors and other victims of the war, and then the hall froze in a minute of silence.

The festive concert began with the performance of the famous “Golden Meidel” Choir, and then the audience went on to enjoy the next item on the program prepared by the talents of the “Chesed Menachem” and the Solomonica Jewish Cultural Center, in which sounded songs of military years and military themes, as well as popular Jewish melodies, including the ones composed by the Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, the popular author and composer Vladimir Rogovoy.

The concert continued with the following performances: the dance group “Maayan” from Melitopol; soloists of the Dnepr’s Opera and Ballet Theater Vladimir Mashlyuk, Lesya Zadorozhnaya, and Natalia Sandak; Lesya and Vitaly Rozhkov duo; the “Soul” Tatiana Zagora and Anton Yaloza; and as always the stage welcomed “Monte-Carlo”, the bright duet of accordionists.

The concert ended with the famous song “The Victory Day” performed by the Military Band of the troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Dnepr garrison) together with everyone hall to the thunder of applause, after which the hosts of the holiday invited everyone to the Menorah’s backyard for the traditional “soldier porridge” and “100 grams of the frontline drink”.

Based on the materials of the news portal of the Jewish community of the Dnieper:http://djc.com.ua/news/view/new/?id=17602&lang=ru