Boris Barsky performed at the Menorah

The Menorah Center housed an evening event with Boris Barsky, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, playwright, poet and comedian.

On the same day the actor gave a press conference at the Dnepr Post media center attended by the media representatives of Dnepropetrovsk and the region. Boris said that he was very pleased to launch a series of recitals at the Menorah with his performance. Barsky kindly answered all the questions and immediately after the press conference went on to visit the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, where he held an online conference with readers.



During his evening, Mr. Barsky read poems, told stories from his life and theatrical tales, showed tricks, and of course, joked a lot. The actor led a lively dialogue with the audience, walked along the rows, ran funny contests for the audience and presented souvenirs to the winners. The evening turned out very warm, good and joyful, in the Barsky style. After the event, everyone could take a picture with their favorite actor and get his autograph as a souvenir.