Boris Filatov congratulated women on March 8

On March 7, on the eve of the International Women’s Day, the City’s Mayor Boris Filatov invited about 600 best representatives of different professions into the Menorah Grand Hall of the Menorah Cultural and Business Center.

The Dnepr’s Mayor stressed that for him this holiday was always special: “I am very glad to be with you now. Some say that March 8 need not be canceled, but I do not want to comment on it. I just want to say one thing: you are the most beautiful, the most loved and desired. And tell your men that you are all under the protection of the Mayor!” – said Boris Filatov.

Invitations to the holiday were sent out to representatives of different professions: the best doctors, teachers, communal workers, active social workers, parliamentarians, as well as representatives of the public.

On a pre-holiday day for women, an unusual reception was held. In a warm friendly atmosphere, guests recalled songs about women and participated in various quizzes. The performance of People’s Artist of Ukraine Viktor Pavlik came as a real musical surprise.