Summer Special from the Menorah Hotel

The Menorah Hotel has prepared a special for those, whose summer is more about the time for business trips and resolution of work related issues. We offer our guests not only high-class service, homeliness and tasty breakfasts, but also special summer prices! Stop by and see for yourself how interesting our offer is.

The Menorah Hotel is a modern 4-star property, which is rightfully awarded its stars! There are 82 stylish rooms here combining the strictness of the interior and the comfort of home coziness. The hotel itself is located in the Menorah Cultural and Business Center, the landmark of the city of Dnepr, where one will find everything they need for a comfortable stay.

To book a room by link

Reservation department:
+38 (056) 717-70-03,
+38 (056) 717-70-04.

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+38 (056) 717-70-02.


The offer is valid if you stay in the rooms from 01.06.2017 to 31.08.2017.


“You are one-of-a-kind for yourself”, – Masha Yefrosinina

On May 21, the workshop from the popular TV presenter, blogger and mother of two children Masha Yefrosinina took place at the Menorah Center.

“Appearance and responsible attitude to yourself for today’s Yefrosinina have become a starting point in a complex and intimate topic called “You are one-of-a-kind for yourself”.

Using the example of her own life and health, Masha shared the main secrets that helped her solve the overweight problem, find a balance between her family, work and own hobbies, and also understand that every woman is the main axis of her life.

Also during her speech, Masha revealed the facts from her biography, which she never opens up in an interview. She frankly discussed with the guests every side of a woman’s life: children, husband, career, beauty, friends, interests, dreams and hobbies.


International Chess Tournament “The Queen’s Progress”

Today, on May 17, the International Chess Tournament “The Queen’s Progress” was held at the Menorah Center, with the famous grand master Gennady Gutman as the main judge of this sports event.

More than a hundred participants attended the competition, including children and adults, both amateurs and professionals of chess.The tournament was arranged in three categories:
– Child;
– Professional;
– Amateur.

The competition for each of the categories was conducted according to the Swedish 7 round system.

Each of the participants of the tournament demonstrated a high level of preparation.

At the end of the competition, the prize-winners of each category were awarded with cups and medals, and each of the players received an honorary diploma.


Catering from the Menorah Grand Palace

What kind of an offsite event would it be without a delicious buffet table and a good service?

You are sure to ask: “And who can put together such an event and feed the guests with a delicious treat?”

That’s where you will be helped by the team of the Menorah Grand Palace restaurant!

Catering from the Menorah Grand Palace is a professional service, eloquent serving and delicious dishes that will surprise even the most demanding guests. The menu of the restaurant takes into account the trends of culinary fashion and the kashrut tradition. Whatever the format and scale of your event may be, with the Menorah Grand Palace restaurant you are sure to run it at the highest possible level!

Order of catering services:
+38 (067) 539-99-21,
+38 (056) 717-77-84.


Charity concert “Dreams to the stars”

On April 27, the Menorah Сenter’s Sinai hall hosted a charity concert “Dreams to the stars” attended by more than 300 people. The idea of the concert was to set up a summer camp for the special children of our city.

During the concert, the audience enjoyed the spectacular performance of young talents: prize-winners of festivals and competitions of Ukraine, best vocalists and dancers of the city of Dnepr, as well as the Ukrainian pop star Svetlana Tararova. The children managed not only to listen to her performance, but also to talk to her.

“For 8 years, our foundation has been engaged in the development and social adaptation of children with difficult childhood. The kids of the club are coming from large and poor families or those without parental care, with disabilities in health and development. Some of them live in boarding schools of the city and the region. We are engaged in development programs throughout the year and already for 3 years we organize an interesting and fun time for them during the summer. For our students, we run a summer club on the basis of our charity fund’s office. Six days a week there are trainings, excursions, and meals for children. We will have 100 of such kids this year. Their age ranges from 9 to 23. Many of them have delays in development, that’s why they need such a leisure”, — said Olga Shelest, Director of the Charity Fund “Darim Radost”.


All-Ukrainian scientific-practical seminar for dentists

On April 26, the scientific and practical seminar “Modern Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Dental Diseases: World Experience and Prospects for Development” was held at the Menorah Center in the form of the Dnepr-Krivoy Rog TV bridge organized by the MedExpert Group of Companies under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine within the framework of a series of seminars for dentists of various specialties, staff of profile departments of higher medical educational institutions and postgraduate education institutions.

The aim of the seminar was to increase the professional level of dentists of various specialties. Thanks to cutting edge tele-technologies, the participants of the seminar from different regions had an opportunity not only to listen to the lectures of the leading specialists of the branch on current problems of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, but also to communicate and share experiences.

The seminar was highly appreciated by both professors and practicing doctors. The interest and relevance of this form of training is evidenced both by the high interest in the event from practitioners and by the positive feedback from the seminar participants.

We also would like to emphasize that the seminar “Modern Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Dental Diseases: World Experience and Prospects for Development” was just the first among a series of scientific and practical seminars organized by the MedExpert Group of Companies. On April 27 and 28, two more seminars will be held at the Menorah Center: “Child’s Health in the Modern World” and “Rational Use of Antibiotics in the Modern World”.

Detailed information can be found at med-expert.com.ua.

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