Dmitry Karpachev: “The Role of the Father and Mother in the Upbringing of the Child”

On June 5, at 18:00, the Menorah Center’s Ballroom hosted the seminar from the Ukrainian psychologist and TV presenter Dmitry Karpachov: “The Role of the Father and Mother in Upbringing of the Child”, attended by more than 400 people.

During the training, Dmitry told who should be involved in the upbringing of the child, how and who forms the values of our children, who has more influence over the child, whether it is the family or friends and school.

Also, the participants learned:
– What role they play for their child
– What the father should do and what the behavior of the mother should be;
– How to bring up happy and healthy children;
– What distinguishes the upbringing of boys and girls in the family;
– How to save the child from computer games;
– How to stimulate the child to learn.

Throughout the training, Dmitry kept the dialogue with the audience and gave practical advice.

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