Dmitry Karpachev: “The Role of the Father and Mother in the Upbringing of the Child”

On June 5, at 18:00, the Menorah Center’s Ballroom hosted the seminar from the Ukrainian psychologist and TV presenter Dmitry Karpachov: “The Role of the Father and Mother in Upbringing of the Child”, attended by more than 400 people.

During the training, Dmitry told who should be involved in the upbringing of the child, how and who forms the values of our children, who has more influence over the child, whether it is the family or friends and school.

Also, the participants learned:
– What role they play for their child
– What the father should do and what the behavior of the mother should be;
– How to bring up happy and healthy children;
– What distinguishes the upbringing of boys and girls in the family;
– How to save the child from computer games;
– How to stimulate the child to learn.

Throughout the training, Dmitry kept the dialogue with the audience and gave practical advice.


Become a part of a European wide project

Following a show in London, famous Russian journalist Leonid Parfenov who is a globally recognized documentary film maker, will present his author’s film in 5 cities across Ukraine.

The legendary journalist Leonid Parfenov will present his second sensational documentary film trilogy «The Russian Jews. The second film. 1918-1948», supported by the Genesis Philanthropy Group. The national tour across Ukraine, organized by Fedoriv Hub, will take place from June 1-9, 2017 and will cover the five biggest Ukrainian cities – Odessa, Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Kharkiv.

The presentation format which includes direct communication with this modern journalist author – who has maintained his high demand globally. In the fall of 2016, Fedoriv Hub presented in Ukraine the 1st part of Leonid Parfenov’s documentary project «The Russian Jews. Before the Revolution». In the end of May, 2017 the second part of the trilogy «The Russian Jews. The second film. 1918-1948» was presented in London in one of the most prestigious cinemas in Britain – Prince Charles Cinema which was opened in 1962.

After Lenin, as leader of the October Revolution, Lev Trotsky was killed in Mexico. Mark Shagal, an outstanding artist of the 20th century who worked in the Belorusian Vitebsk by Commissioner of Arts. Writer Isaac Babel and pop singer and star of that time Leonid Utesov, were both inhabitants of Odessa. The famous composers Mathew Blunter and Isaac Dunaevsky. The first Head of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs Henry Yagoda. By the stories of these outstanding and contradictory personalities and other unknown names were instrumental in the making of the second part of the trilogy which covered the period when Jewish people took incredible part in all spheres of state life.

The film is based on events chronicled with «revived» portraits and original special effects. In his unique manner, using vivid metaphors and accurate comparisons, Parfenov has delivered another documentary masterpiece.

The locations of the second film were Trotsky’s house in Mexico where the ex-leader’s murder was organized by Naum Eitingon of the People’s Commissariat of Internal, as well the former arena of the stadium in New York, where Solomon Mikhoels called to open the Second Front and the former hotel for pilgrims on Solovki, where the office «special purpose camp» was located, which the financials were managed by Naftali Frenkel, and finally the grandfather’s house of Shagal in Vitebsk as well as many other memorable locations.

«Of course, first of all, the second film is about the stars of different spheres. But even more important than their brightness is the Jewish mass in the Soviet project. The party workers, security officers, business executives, engineers, doctors, teachers and cultural workers – thousands and thousands loyal to the regime «builders of the new life», – announced the second part of trilogy by its author Leonid Parfenov.


Offsite wedding ceremony in the Pchelkin’s House

Not long is left until your wedding, but you cannot decide yet on the place for your wedding ceremony and are you already so tired of the organizational hassle?

Voila, the Pchelkin’s House is exactly what you need!

The Pchelkin’s House is not only about an exquisite architecture, unique interior, spacious rooms, but also beautiful scenery and floral compositions, a talented presenter, quality musical accompaniment and, of course, a delicious cuisine.

The wedding is a happy moment in the life of every person, that’s why when organizing the wedding ceremony, we took into account all the nuances for you. In the Pchelkin’s House, your wedding will become a real embodiment of magic!

Wedding in the Pchelkin’s House is a beautiful beginning of history …

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Summer Special from the Menorah Hotel

The Menorah Hotel has prepared a special for those, whose summer is more about the time for business trips and resolution of work related issues. We offer our guests not only high-class service, homeliness and tasty breakfasts, but also special summer prices! Stop by and see for yourself how interesting our offer is.

The Menorah Hotel is a modern 4-star property, which is rightfully awarded its stars! There are 82 stylish rooms here combining the strictness of the interior and the comfort of home coziness. The hotel itself is located in the Menorah Cultural and Business Center, the landmark of the city of Dnepr, where one will find everything they need for a comfortable stay.

To book a room by link

Reservation department:
+38 (056) 717-70-03,
+38 (056) 717-70-04.

+38 (056) 717-70-01,
+38 (056) 717-70-02.


The offer is valid if you stay in the rooms from 01.06.2017 to 31.08.2017.


“You are one-of-a-kind for yourself”, – Masha Yefrosinina

On May 21, the workshop from the popular TV presenter, blogger and mother of two children Masha Yefrosinina took place at the Menorah Center.

“Appearance and responsible attitude to yourself for today’s Yefrosinina have become a starting point in a complex and intimate topic called “You are one-of-a-kind for yourself”.

Using the example of her own life and health, Masha shared the main secrets that helped her solve the overweight problem, find a balance between her family, work and own hobbies, and also understand that every woman is the main axis of her life.

Also during her speech, Masha revealed the facts from her biography, which she never opens up in an interview. She frankly discussed with the guests every side of a woman’s life: children, husband, career, beauty, friends, interests, dreams and hobbies.

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