On June 23, the Menorah Center launches a charity exhibition and sale of children’s art works “Children of Ukraine for peace”, the proceeds of which to be used for treatment of Ukrainian soldiers in Dnepropetrovsk hospitals.

On June 23, the Art Gallery of the Menorah Center opens up a charity exhibition and sale of children’s art works “Children of Ukraine for peace”.  Everyone can contribute to treatment of Ukrainian soldiers, who are presently in hospitals of Dnepropetrovsk. Visitors can themselves come up with the price for the paintings and subsequently make payment in the bank.


The charity exhibition of children’s artwork is attended by students of the following Dnepropetrovsk aesthetic education schools: Children’s Art Schools number 1 and number 2, the Boris Hmyria School of Arts, the Oles Gonchar School of Ukrainian Culture and Arts, and children’s music school No 7, 9, and 17.


Young and talented artists presented 49 works made out in various graphic and arts and crafts techniques: gouache and watercolor, pastel crayon, painting in the style of batik, paper plastic. Bright scenes seen through the eyes of children are performed in the genres of still life, landscape, and scene compositions.

All participants are capable, talented and gifted children and just cheerful, full of light and positive perception of the world. All of them have participated in competitions, festivals, exhibitions of various levels: from the school and city competitions to international forums in different corners of the world.

Olga Kozlenko is a student of the art department of the music school No 9 has become the winner of the regional exhibition and fine art competition entitled “The Cossack kin will stay around forever”. Nastya Chebusheva, a student of art school number 1, was one of the winners of the International Competition in Moscow “The Golden Cockerel”. The pupils from art school number 2 showcased their favorite works in the style of Petrikivka painting. They are only the second year students of this craft, but managed to “work” already as true masters.


One of the best schools of our city is children’s art school number 1. Works presented at the exhibition are prepared by already more experienced young artists. Thanks to the website, which they have created, their school is known in many countries around the world, and students can communicate with their peers from Japan, the U.S., Argentina, and share knowledge and skills.


Students, with their unique special creative mood, brightly and with a great deal of humor, have tried to tell the audience about the world of their childhood preferences, lovingly, carefully convey the mood of each touch of the depicted surface, reminding all of us that the surrounding us world needs love, care and sincere feelings.


“Beauty will save the world”. This well-known expression again and again reminds us of our humanity and responsibility to society, our young citizens, the responsibility of each person, for the world around us, giving us a chance to show our civic consciousness and solidarity to those, who require our attention.


We would like to thank the following persons for their prompt assistance in putting together the exhibition: Deputy Mayor Irina G. Zaitseva, and Head of Culture and Arts of Dnepropetrovsk City Council Evgeny V. Horoshilov.


We invite everyone not only to buy the works of young artists, bearing light, goodness and love, but also to help those, who so bravely and fiercely defended our country – Ukraine.


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