The Menorah Center can become the “Cultural and Entertainment Venue of the Year”

The Menorah Center is nominated in the category “Cultural and Entertainment Venue of the Year” of the award “Artis 2014” and has every right to win.

Since its opening, the complex has already become both the hallmark of Dnepropetrovsk, and the main center for large-scale events in the city and the country. Many of these events have become socially relevant and have had great success among visitors and residents. These include a mini-golf tournament on the roof, the Dnepr Fashion Day, awarding of the best athletes of the region, championships in ballroom dancing and numerous art exhibitions, recitals of the best artists, annual children’s performances and entertainment programs, and many other activities.

Giving your vote to the Menorah Center, you will support not only cultural and entertainment events that are held there, but also many endeavors for the promotion of peace initiated by the Menorah. Such actions include charity exhibitions, conferences and forums aimed at unification of the country. Here we not only initiate such activities, but also strongly support and promote the initiatives of civil society activists, who promote peace in Ukraine.

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