The Menorah Center has become the “Cultural and Entertainment Venue of the Year”

On December 18, the regional award for achievements in art entitled “Arti-2014” was being given to the best of the best, among them, of course, was the Menorah Center. The main criterion for participation in the competition was a professional activity and success in 2014. Meeting all the requirements of the competition, having collected the most votes in the online voting and receiving the highest score from the judges, the Menorah Center became the winner in the category “Cultural and Entertainment Venue of the Year”.

 “This victory is the result of the Menorah Center’s large and close-knit team work”, said in her speech the Menorah Center’s Deputy Director in Marketing and Sales Mariana Geller.

 The Menorah Center can righteously be called not only the best cultural and entertainment venue of the year, but also the initiator of many actions in support of peace.

 The Menorah expresses its sincere gratitude to all, who supported the initiatives and aspirations of the Center.