Children’s party at the Menorah Center

“The happiest laughter is that whose source is a child …” said once Georges Bataille, French philosopher and writer.

Children’s celebration at the Menorah Center means kids’ joyful smiles and laughter, pleasure of parents and a wonderful mood for the whole day! A bright, modern and fun holiday for our youngest and most beloved! Funny costumes, games, competitions and photos of unforgettable moments from childhood.

The Menorah Center is here to provide you with a full range of services for organizing and holding children’s events of any scale and format. All the efforts for planning, administration, preparing the script, making up the menu, will be our job.
What’s available from us:
– Experienced organizers;
– High-quality musical accompaniment;
– Anchors, animators, show programs;
– Photographers and decorators;
– Flexible and thoughtful scenario of the children’s holiday easily and painlessly adjusted to meet the wants of our customers;
– Gala halls with a capacity of up to 1500 people;
– Confectioners, who are masters of their craft, ready to bring to life any gastronomic fantasies to surprise the little guests with unusual sweets.

The Menorah Center is happy to make your child’s holiday memorable and unusual; there is nothing more important in the world than a child’s smile!

Pictures used are courtesy of the AV Metal Group employees children’s holiday.

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