Eighth Hanukkah candle lit at the Menorah

On December 23, the eighth Hanukkah candle was ceremonially lit at the world’s largest Jewish Center “Menorah”.

 Under the solemn “Amen”, Vyacheslav Smotkin, the Second Secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine, Consul of Dnepropetrovsk region and South-East of Ukraine, Director of the Israeli Cultural Center in Dnepropetrovsk, lit the last, eighth, Hanukkah candle.

“My best greetings to you with the holiday of Hanukkah! There are many symbolic dates in the Israeli calendar, but I think it is exactly the holiday of Hanukkah that we can call the holiday of miracle and light. I wish that the main Hanukkah, located at the Menorah, would bring everybody the happiness in the coming year, as well as welfare, health, peace and love all the way to the next Hanukkah”, Vyacheslav Smotkin pronounced these words, congratulating all those present at the ceremony.

 The evening continued with Hanukkah songs, dances and sweet treats.