The celebration of Purim at the Menorah

The Menorah Grand Hall’s main Ballroom hosted the main Purim holiday of the Jewish Community of the city of Dnepr. The event was attended by over eight hundred guests and became the culmination of the Purim-5777 celebration in our city.

The spacious Pchelkin’s House halls welcomed guests with exquisite living figures, here one could choose a suit for themselves and get ready for the holiday. The introductory meal was served in oriental style, while the music created a unique atmosphere of anticipation of an unforgettable holiday.

For small children, a separate celebration with animators was arranged so that they could have lots of fun. The main hall had tables luxuriously set for the Purim feast and a big fun program, but before it started, it was necessary to fulfill the main precept of the holiday: reading Megillat Esther.

The Chief Rabbi of Dnepr and the region Shmuel Kaminezki thanked all those, who made holding of such a large-scale Purim holiday this year a reality. Special gratitude was expressed to the President of the Community Gennady Borisovich Bogolyubov and his partner, President of the UJCU, Igor Valeryevich Kolomoisky, for having built such a magnificent hall and the Menorah giving now thousands and tens of thousands of Jews the opportunity to celebrate holidays, keep the commandments and live a full Jewish life.

Boris Albertovich Filatov, the City’s Head, also warmly greeted the Dnepr’s Jewish Community with the Purim holiday, noting that in the city of Dnepr such holidays do not just refer to memories of the days of the past, but are a living tradition and a proof of a rich and full-fledged national and religious life in the city, which clearly demonstrates the atmosphere of unity and harmony, a characteristic feature of Dnepr.

Based on the materials from the news portal of the Jewish Community of Dnepr