Features of the Menorah Grand Palace restaurant complex

Often the concept of the restaurant is tied up with such notions as “refinement”, “high quality” and “exclusivity”. Most of these definitions fit into the description of the prestigious institution. However, the restaurant is not just a place to come to eat. It is exactly a spot, where guests get together to celebrate a solemn event. And for the event to be the most successful, the restaurant should have the following components in its recipe: quality cuisine, excellent service and comfortable premises. It is not always possible to find a restaurant where all these qualities are at the same high level. The Menorah Grand Palace restaurant complex is a perfect spot to combine high-quality gourmet cuisine, highly professional service and a wide choice of dining halls. It is exactly a variety of rooms of the restaurant complex that will help to organize an event of any size: from small family parties to large corporate and image building events.
A special pride of the Menorah Center’s restaurant complex is its kitchen, where, based on the strict observance of the kashrut rules, using high quality carefully selected ingredients we cook culinary masterpieces of different cuisines of the world.
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