The “Basic Instinct” workshop for females

March 15

The Menorah Center is to host a workshop by Nikolai Voyevodin, a professional coach, trainer, recognized expert in psychology of interpersonal relationships, the women’s No1 coach.

The program will help you learn:
• How to raise your self-esteem, attractiveness and sexuality;
• How to attract men;
• How to build a harmonious relationship;
• How to return feelings in your family;
• How to get rid of the loser’s behavior and become a successful woman;
• How to become a muse for your men.

Try it! It works! Guaranteed 100%.

During the workshop, you will look at male and female relationships from the side.

The “Basic Instinct” workshop will help you:
• Recognize what men want from women and what they are ready to give in return;
• Understand how to love yourself in the first place, rather than be dissolved in your lover;
• Grasp the secret of a female happiness;
• See what you need to fix and change.

Further information is available by phone: +38 (050) 401-70-17