Second Hanukkah candle lit at the Menorah Center

The Menorah Center hosted the ceremony of lighting the second Hanukkah candle. The honor to bring on the lights on the main Chanukiah of the Center was given to Dan Makogon, the Chairman of the Board of the Shiurey Torah Lubavitch (ShTL) Fund. Dan Makogon spoke about ShTL Fund’s programs during the winter, camps and special events for children and adolescents.

Then Mr. Makogon, after reading the blessing, lit two candles, thereby multiplying the light that brightens up our world.

Afterwards, a permanent host for Hanukkah events at the Menorah, the famous showman and singer Yakov Rogovoy invited on stage STL Kids, STL Teens youth programs, SeeTheLight and Stars Lubavitch participants, who presented the Hanukkah mini-show “Wonder of the World” with live performances and interactive quizzes with prizes. Next, everyone went on to enjoy donuts prepared by the Menorah Center’s restaurant.

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