The Menorah to host the International Dance Sport Tournament “DNEPR CUP – 2013”

The IV International Dance Sport Tournament “DNEPR CUP – 2013” is to take place from October 4 to 6 in the Menorah Grand Hall, one of the Ukraine’s biggest celebration halls located in the Menorah Center.

The tournament will be attended by more than 1,000 couples from 15 countries. The skill of dancing duets will be judged by the referees from Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Norway, Belarus and Ukraine.

The official European Student Championship in the European program (WDSF European University Championship Standard) will be held as part of the tournament.

The guests of the event can expect a pleasant surprise during the show as the European and Latin American programs are to be performed by international dance sport stars.

The tournament schedule (start of performances):

Friday (October 4): 9-00, 13-30

Saturday (October 5): 19-30

Sunday (October 6): 9-00, 14-00, 19-30

To buy tickets and reserve tables please call: + 38 067 492 93 63.