International Scholarly Conference

June 22–24, 2014 Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) will host International Scholarly Conference “Righteous Among the Nations and Other Rescuers during the Holocaust: Ukraine’s Example in the Comparative Context”.

In Ukraine uneasy times, when the society is separated by the historical memory and history transformed into a means of manipulating consciousness and false interpretation becomes a political weapon and create the world community’s position to events in the country, is time to remind the world that Ukrainian history has positive examples of good neighborly relations, which we must learn unity and tolerance. One of the best sample of fraternity and sacrifice is demonstrated by the theme of Righteous Among the Nations, and generally understanding the motives of saving people in extreme conditions, in particular – during the famine, genocide and so on.

This issue is dedicated representative scientific conference.

Within the framework of the Conference the following issues will be considered:

– Condition of historiography and review of historical sources.

– Jews and other nationalities on the eve and during the first years of the War: the character and dynamics of the relations.

– Different aspects of actions of rescuing: Who hid the Jews? When and why?

– Relation between individual decisions and institutional interests: the occupying authorities, the underground, the partisan movement and the church.

– Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky and other rescuers of Jews: the dilemma of moral choice under conditions of totalitarian regimes.

– The historical memory about the rescuers of Jews and the phenomenon of “Righteous Among the Nations”.

– Dilemmas of moral choice during the rescue of people in extreme conditions.

The Conference organizers:

Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

Peter Yatsyk Program for the Study of Modern Ukrainian History and Society run by Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta, Ivan Franko Lviv National University and Ukrainian Catholic University

“Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (Ottawa, Canada)

Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine)

With the assistance of the:

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,

Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Warsaw, Poland) and other institutions and organizations.

June 24, at 14.00, for methodists and teachers from all over Ukraine held a seminar devoted to the study of history in the School of World War II and the Holocaust.