IV Charity prom at the Menorah Center

On November 27, the most active and vibrant youth of our region will get together in the Pchelkin’s House to plunge into the atmosphere of the Venetian carnival. This year’s charity prom will be held in Dnepropetrovsk for the fourth time. Traditionally, the main purpose of the event is a charity fundraiser. This year, participants and guests of the ball will help the Ukrainian military. The event is organized by Dnepropetrovsk Regional Youth Administration and the Department of Education and Science of Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

Each year, all students in our region have a unique opportunity to join this ball, where couples in beautiful gowns gracefully whirl to the rhythm of waltz, foxtrot and Charleston. This time the theme of the event is dedicated to Venice’s most famous costumed holiday – carnival. That is why the ball is going to be even more beautiful and mysterious than before. Every year the event is becoming more and more appreciated, this time more than a thousand guests and participants are expected to turn up. And 198 student couples are actively preparing for their performance and diligently rehearsing dances that are to surprise all guests of the ball.

The organizers invite all the people of our region to a charity prom, it’s a great opportunity to contribute to a really good cause and help the defenders of our country. Each guest will receive a unique pleasure from dancing and live chat, and make a short trip to Venice.

Charitable contribution:

for a couple – 120 UAH,

for one person – 80 UAH.

To purchase tickets, please contact:

Sergey Krivoguz +380674805990,

Vladislav Skotar +380938370676,

Sophia Pyshneva +380509939206.