IT Dnipro Conference for Business at the Menorah Center

Today, on June 8, the Menorah Center hosted the IT Dnipro Conference for Business.

The organizers of the event were the IT Dnipro Community and the IT Association of Ukraine. During the event, the guests received updates on the current economic indicators of the Dnipropetrovsk Region, the state and prospects for the technical education development in the region, and got acquainted with successful business cases of integration of technologies into classical industries.

The mission of the IT Dnipro Conference 2018 was to introduce participants to examples of productive synergies between technology, business and the state, to develop a common action plan to stimulate the development of the “knowledge economy” and harmonious integration of the region into the modern digital world.

The following individuals served the speakers of the conference:
Maria Kot (Regional Director of the Dnipro branch of Luxoft);
Alexander Kubrakov (Executive Director, IT Ukraine Association);
Konstantin Lezhnin (Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, UKRSIBBANK);
Alexey Tulin (CEO, Founder, Archer Software);
Tatiana Kasyan (HR Director, ISD);
Emiliano Ramos (Founding Partner & Commercial Director, Emerging Europe);
Maxim Bakhmatov (Chairman of the Board of Radar Tech, Managing Partner of UNIT.City).

The program of the conference was designed in such a way that the participants and guests received the maximum use from the meeting, had fun in dynamic networking, got acquainted with the practical cases of eminent specialists, learned the secrets of entering the Canadian and American markets, and discussed various issues with opinion leaders and government officials.