The legendary Antonio Stradivari violin arrived at the Menorah

On December 26, the famous virtuoso Valery Sokolov, honored to play the unique Stradivari violin, had the last rehearsal for the concert. The rehearsal was accompanied by the orchestra of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast Philharmonic named after Leonid Kogan, in the big hall of the Menorah Center, where tomorrow a concert for more than 1,500 residents of the city will take place.

 Antonio Stradivari violin is unique, even in an era of high technology no one can repeat not only the tone of instrument’s sounds, but also even solve the mystery of how they were manufactured by a violin maker. Over his lifetime, Stradivari was able to produce no more than 600 violins. They say, the Almighty, seeing the master’s performance, decided to give his instruments a memorable sound, like nothing else. Only great virtuosos, such as Valery Sokolov, play such violins.

 In his preparation for a concert at the Menorah Center, the violinist met with the Jewish community in Central Synagogue “Golden Rose” and performed several musical pieces on his magic instrument.