Leonid Parfenov with the first night of the movie “Russian Jews. Film 2”

June 8

A journalist, TV host, director and actor Leonid Parfenov is to take a stage at the Menorah Center, with the premiere of his second documentary film “Russian Jews”.

The plot of the second part of the trilogy covers the period from 1918 to 1948 (the year of the proclamation of the independence of the State of Israel, as well as the assassination of the chairman of the Jewish anti-fascist committee, Solomon Mikhoels).

The narrative of the movie is built as a gallery of portraits of famous Jews: Lev Trotsky and Yakov Sverdlov, Mark Chagall and Leonid Utesov, Isaak Babel and Yuri Levitan. Dozens of other names of Jewish politicians, musicians, journalists, filmmakers and even saboteurs appear in the film.

The author and the presenter warns that “there is no point assigning the tasks of a scientific work to this movie”. According to Leonid Parfenov, “No single documentary can talk on behalf of the whole Odessa”, and, when filming, he was guided by the most unsophisticated audience.

Tickets are available from the following LINK