Kyiv-Mohyla Business School’s Workshop “Marketing, as it really is” at the Menorah Center

For the first time in Dnepropetrovsk on June 3, starting from 19.00, the Menorah Center will host a workshop by the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School entitled “Marketing, as it really is”.

This meeting is a unique opportunity to hear the expert’s opinion on the business development prospects in today’s context.  The key issues of the discussion are as follows:

– From whom we must and we can learn about marketing, and why these people do not sit in the office with the inscription “marketing department”?

– Precisely those companies always win, who know exactly who their customers and what their needs are and why they should choose exactly us.

– The task of marketing, as in life, is not to be liked by everybody, but by your target audience.

Speaker: Alena Maltseva, Professor of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs], author and presenter of Marketing for Presidential MBA, Executive MBA, School of Total Marketing [kmbs] group members, ex-CEO of Companion Group, author of the brand “&. Strategies”

Audience: top managers, owners of companies, heads of marketing, who make decisions at the system level.

Create a marketing culture within your companies and seek new opportunities for growth!

Register for the workshop by logging at:

The coordinator of management programs is Galina Lavrik – 067 742 1187, 066 104 8170