Meeting with the well-known Israeli psychologist Danny Shandor at the Menorah Center

On May 31, 2015 at 16.00, the Menorah Center’s hall of celebrations The Menorah Royal Club will host a meeting with Israeli psychologist Danny Sandor themed as “Stop Gadget … or how to get children back into the real world”.

This event will help parents of children of all ages to clarify complex situations and find a solution for the return of the child from the world of gadgets into real life.

Danny Shandor is a clinical psychologist, practicing psychotherapist, teacher of psychotherapy in Europe and the CIS, as well as the scientific director of the Israeli Institute “Yaaad-Han”, which specializes in working with a method of Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

Residents and guests of our city, attending Danny Shandor’s lecture at the Menorah, will learn how to help their children, how parents can competently build relations with their child in a family where a mobile phone, computer, TV and tablet are literally family members, both from the theoretical point of view and from a practical approach.

The program will include:

  • Interactive lecture by Danny Shandor
  • Presentation of the project by Svetlana Atagulyants, psychologist, head of the NGO “There is contact!”
  • Creative workshops for children
  • Drawing of gift certificates

Organizer of the event: The head of the NGO “There is contact!” Svetlana Atagulyants.

E-mail: atagulyants@gmail.com

The contact person:

Elena Pivovarova, tel. 050-342-43-54; 097-847-06-54.