The New Year corporate parties at the Menorah Center

In the modern world of business there is a place not only for work, but also for the rest for the company employees.
After all, the approach of the holiday is always acutely felt – especially if it is the New Year – one of the most magical and loved holidays by all! And it’s a must to have a great celebration of it to set a good mood and put a great start to the next year.
Want to please your colleagues at a festive party at the end of the year? With the Menorah Grand Palace Restaurant it’s easy!
The Menorah Grand Palace is the best restaurant for the New Year corporate party! We guarantee a thoughtful attitude to each guest and a high level of service.

The magnificent rooms with elegant interior, solemn and at the same time very hospitable, accommodating from 30 to 1200 guests, the Menorah Grand Palace restaurant with a delicious, unique kosher New Year’s menu – everything is perfectly suited for corporate holidays, banquets and parties!

The New Year’s banquet at the Menorah Grand Palace Restaurant is a great way to enjoy yourself, not only with gourmet delicacies and delicious drinks, but also with a pleasant, warm, good atmosphere.

Dear Friends, the Menorah Center is open to everyone!

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