Office at the Menorah Center – a place for successful operations

It is sometimes said that a successful business is the result of not only a talent, diligence, and fortune – the walls of the workplace also bring some luck. Such statement is fully confirmed by the positive experience of a number of businesspersons and entrepreneurs, who have chosen the Menorah Center as their office. However, there are no doubts that the favorable atmosphere and a magnificent view from the windows are not the only factors promoting business development. In addition to that, there is a huge number of objective factors, including the convenient location at the downtown of the city, internal infrastructure of the premises, state-of-the-art communication technologies, high level of security, and a wide range of concomitant possibilities. For instance, to conduct trainings or seminars for company employees, local businessmen can choose one of the conference halls here, at the Menorah Center. They can also organize a presentation or celebrate any of their corporate festive occasions with the help of the Menorah Grand Palace restaurant and и event-managers of the Center. Business partners of the local residents can get a tour arranged and stay at one of the two Menorah Center hotels. Employees of the rent department truly care about the comfort of the premises’ occupants on the everyday basis and can help you to choose an office, suiting your needs and wishes perfectly.

Please dial: +38 (056) 717 77 82