On April 18 the Menorah Center hosted an Easter concert for city residents and visitors

During Pesach, the Menorah Center has prepared a special program of the Easter holiday, which includes a 4 star hotel accommodation at the Menorah Hotel, as well as an interesting cultural program of excursions and various activities. For younger guests, the Menorah Center jointly with the “Shalom baby” club has prepared a special holiday entertainment.


On April 18, 2014 the Menorah Center put together a festive concert dedicated to the holiday of Passover for all city residents and visitors. The concert started with the quartet of soloists from Dnepropetrovsk Opera and Ballet, who performed traditional Jewish prayer chants.


The concert was also attended by the “School of Cossack martial art Spas Sturm”, the “Monte Carlo” accordion duet, Yakov Rogovoy with songs from the “Jewish Shtetl” series.


The main surprise for all the spectators was the performance of the world famous cantor Berel Zucker with a quartet of soloists.

For further inquiries and to order invitations please call:

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