Press conference “On the start of the joint project on energy efficiency”

On December 4, DTEK and Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council will hold a press conference “On the start of a joint project on energy efficiency” at the Menorah Center.

DTEK and Dnepropetrovsk regional council are beginning to work together in the field of energy saving by combining the regional competition “Energy for the Future” with the DTEK’s project “Energy-efficient Schools”. Twenty schools of Dnepropetrovsk are to participate in the third wave of the “Energy-efficient schools” project.

At the press conference devoted to the launch of the project, the company’s representatives, regional and city council will talk about how students can learn energy saving, how much money will be spent on energy efficiency at Dnepropetrovsk schools, what results are expected from the project. Journalists will be able to get answers to their questions about the projects in the field of energy saving in Dnepropetrovsk region.

The press conference will be attended by:

  • Yevgeniy G. Udod, head of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council.
  • Victoria A. Grib, Head of Sustainable Development Department at DTEK.
  • Kadria R. Safiulina, senior project consultant, consultant for cooperation with the public at the Institute of Local Development.

On December 4, the Menorah Center will also host a kick-off seminar for principals and teachers of schools participating in the project. Anyone will be able to participate, get a basic knowledge of the production and supply of electric and thermal energy, financial and technical issues related to utilities, as well as details of school activities within the project “Energy-efficient schools”.

Read more about the project on “Energy-efficient schools’ online at

Attention! Accreditation for journalists is required before 12:00 of December 3, 2014:

Tatiana Gayuntel, tel. 0957512693, e-mail:

December 4, 2014


4/26 Sholom Aleichem St, small conference room, 3rd floor, the Menorah Center