Open Day of the Dnepropetrovsk Israeli Cultural Center of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine

On September 21, right on the eve of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), the Israeli Cultural Center in Dnepropetrovsk of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine organized a big celebration entitled “Israel on the palm”, which took place at the Menorah.


Vyacheslav Smotkin, Second Secretary of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine, director of the Israeli Cultural Center in Dnepropetrovsk in an interview with regional and municipal television stations and numerous print and online media spoke of ICC plans for the future, the launch of new educational programs and projects. Mr. Smotkin noted that all of the programs at the Center were absolutely free for all, regardless of religion or ethnicity.


Many guests arrived to congratulate the Israeli Cultural Center with the beginning of the season, including representatives of national cultural societies and foreign embassies: Germany, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Korea, Poland …


Journalist Olga Medvedeva presented her book “Israel is like a magnet”. “When I was offered in the Israeli Cultural Center in Dnepropetrovsk to go to Israel once again for a seminar for journalists, I did not hesitate a moment and agreed”.


The seminar was organized by Nativ Liaison Bureau at the Office of the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, the Chase Center at University of Jerusalem and the State of Israel itself. They had invited journalists from neighboring countries to deepen ties with the state of Israel. Each of the 10 days of the seminar was planned by the minute: lectures, excursions, meetings. It is not possible to describe everything, so I told just about the brightest moments and events in my book.


In Israel, there is much to learn for everybody. A small country, the size of which does not exceed Dnepropetrovsk region, has created a unique culture, science and original art. This is hard to tell — it must be seen.


For 10 days we had the opportunity to visit both the North and the South of the country, wander through the bright and modern Tel Aviv, touched the long history of Jerusalem, learn how people live in Israel, how they think and what kind of success stories they generate. Israel serves as a magnet, and having been there once, I want to come back again and again.


My book is in a convenient format, it is easy to carry it even in a hand bag. I understand that people do not manage “many bukAFF”, so there are a lot of illustrations. The circulation by our standards is impressive –10 thousand copies”.


Further on, teacher Elena Pritykina invited guests to participate in a “Course of psychometric test”. This year’s ICC educational program will include the course “Psychometrics”. Psychometrics is a single entrance examination in Israeli institutions of higher education. In the classroom everyone will be able to learn the Israeli education system, increase their IQ level, pass a trial test, develop quantitative and verbal thinking, and check the English language knowledge.


Regional coordinator of the ICC activities Sergey Sachkovsky proposed to learn more about the MASA educational programs, through which one can get a grant for a free education in the best universities in Israel or take an internship in Israel. The biggest and the most demanded course is the study of Hebrew. Ulpan teachers Alex Ostapovich and Jakov Rogovoy introduced courses for studying Hebrew, inviting everyone to get familiar with the “most ancient language of our time”.  53 people immediately signed up to attend classes by Alex Ostapovich. Thanks to his extraordinary teaching manner and ability to give new language skills easily and naturally, he is very much loved by students and schoolchildren.


Marina Kovalyova introduced Youth Scout Club “Nativ Tzofim,” and her story was supplemented with a video showing the activities and achievements of the program.


Graduates of the course presented journalism courses. They invited everyone to a free training in the basics of journalism, website promotion, writing articles for newspapers, magazines, TV programs and more … A diploma is presented upon completion.


A competition for creative people entitled “My Israel”, presented by Elizaveta Shvartsman, a student of “Nativ Tsofim” journalism course, invited everyone to try themselves out in four areas: photography, drawing, story and poem. The contest will be held in the social networks, the best works will decorate a new journal of the Israeli Cultural Center.


The completion of the official part of the event was the performance of Yakov Rogovoy, the famous showman and performer of Jewish songs. He gave the first practical lesson, translating the words from famous Soviet and popular songs into Hebrew, accompanying himself with the guitar. Everyone loved that music lesson and the audience quickly picked up the lyrics and whirled in the dance.


In addition, both before and after the main program, all guests could get acquainted with the exhibition “The great achievements of a small country”, which presented symbolic technological achievements of Israel.

After the presentation, everyone could go to the information desk to find out from the ICC staff more about interesting programs and projects by the Israeli Center and sign up to participate, and also get a book autographed by Olga Medvedeva.


Delicious completion of the Open Day was a buffet with traditional treats – apples and honey, which are usually eaten on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year).