The Menorah to host the open lecture of the well-known psychologist Danny Shandor

On June 6, at 19.00, the Sinai concert hall will host the open lecture of the well-known consulting psychologist Danny Shandor (Tel Aviv, Israel) on the topic “How to bring up a successful person”.

The lecture will cover the following issues:

– What is a successful family?

– Good and strong relations with children in various age periods;

– Importance of definition of borders (limits) in upbringing of children;

– Secrets of upbringing in Jewish families;

– Will a child love his/her parent, when the latter says “no” to the child?

– Personality traits children display in various age periods;

– Ways to define that it’s time to start worrying and ask for help.

All lecture participants will have the opportunity to put their questions to Danny Shandor.

Inquiries and ticket reservation: (056) 717-70-00, (098) 826-36-76.


Danny Shandor is an expert with the practical experience of more than 25 years. He has graduated from the University of Haifa and the University of Tel Aviv. He delivers lectures, workshops, and master classes in many countries all around the world: Israel, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia.

He lectures at international psychotherapy schools in Europe, Central School of Social Workers under the Israel Ministry of Health, and Harmony Institute for Psychotherapy and Counseling (St. Petersburg, Russia).