Personal Training

Personal Training = Maximum Efficiency

A coach-led personal training always guarantees the maximum training effectiveness, because everyone and everything are after the result: assessment of current problems and your body features as well as general physical condition, 100% attention from the trainer and constant control over each exercise performance, in-depth analysis of physical indicators before, during and after training.

Actually, this is the solution of the set tasks – with the help of a qualified specialist, using the entire arsenal of his knowledge, the fitness center possibilities and the resources of own body.

So why and for what would one need personal training? Here are 8 reasons – go ahead and choose yours!

  • Individual approach to each client, taking into account their anatomy, physique and level of preparation. Development of personal training programs of different focus: for each client – a unique level of loads and a set of simulators
  • Moral support and trust are the most important components of an effective training. A personal trainer can and must find an approach to each client, build relationships, in which there is no place for puzzles and inconsistencies – especially in terms of health and well-being
  • Continuous supervision by the instructor and adjustment of the training program – if the trainer sees the need to reduce, increase or redistribute the load, bring in other exercises, etc.
  • Reducing the risk of injuries while exercising (correction of exercise techniques)
  • Recommendations for proper nutrition and day regime
  • Motivational function obliging the client to discipline and systematic attendance of the fitness club – this accelerates the achievement of the goal
  • Professionalism and the necessary trainer education provide the fastest and most desirable result
  • Additional advantages over all of the above would also be the choice of the most convenient time for training and time saving. Since personal training lasts from 45 to 90 minutes and during this time there is a maximum concentration in training

Do you still wonder if you need a personal trainer?

Then give an answer to yourself for the question: why do you need a tutor if there is a textbook?

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