Purim-shpil “Once in Odessa”

On Fabruary 24 at 15.00, the Sinai Concert Hall will house a theatrical performance – Purim-shpil– based on the movie “Once in Odessa,Or the Life and Adventures of MishkaJaponchik”.

Prior to the performance in the lobby of the concert hall the guests of the event will enjoy the “Odessa market”: the buffet, art shop, delicious bagels and funny Odessa songs and stories.

The audience will love the exciting action on the stage: MishkaJaponchik, robbery, Odessa wedding and, of course, a lot of songs and dance performances.

During the show we will install a playground for kids in the lobby, who will enjoy a fascinating program and MishloachManot, thesweet treats.

For additional information please contact us: (0562) 36-29-82, (050) 452-32-34.