Fifth All-Ukrainian Forum ZAKUPKI at the Menorah Center

On September 27, the 5th All-Ukrainian Forum on State and Commercial Procurement – Forum Zakupki – was held at the Menorah Center.
Forum Zakupki is Ukraine’s largest event on public and commercial procurement, where business and government representatives exchange experiences.

During the forum, the organizers and tenderers described how they managed to overcome the most common difficulties, and leading lawyers shared their tips on how to prepare themselves for bidding and protect their interests in violation of rights.

Experts of the “Controlling and Protecting” block answered the questions about bidding challenges, opportunities for customer impact, supplier verification, and risk factors in purchasing.

Also during the forum, the speakers provided advice in the theta-a-tete format.

In addition to the traditional reports of the best experts in the field of procurement, there were new, interesting and useful formats for the participants at the Forum: public advice for everyone and business speed dating with experts.