Remembering Holocaust International Conference

On 27-28 January 2013, the Menorah Center will host the International scientific and educational conference titled Remembering Holocaust and organized by Tkuma, the Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies, and Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science. The conference will bring together scientists and educators as well as diplomatic representatives from Ukraine and other countries.

During the conference, on 28 January at 17.00,there will be a briefing in the Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum. The following will participate in the briefing: Dr. Aaron Weiss (Israel), prof. Vladislav Grinevich (Ukraine), prof. YaroslavHrytsak (Ukraine), Dr. Aaron Schneer (Israel), Dr. Sergey Shpagin (Russia), Dr. Igor Schupak (Ukraine).

During the briefing the following topics will be addressed:

• The historical memory of the Holocaust in contemporary society;

• Professor YaroslavHrytsak, a famous Ukrainian scientist, historian and publicist: “How can we overcome our history.”

For further information, please contact:

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