Renowned psychologist Danny Shandor gave a lecture at the Menorah

The Menorah Center hosted a lecture of the famous Israeli counselor Danny Shandor on How to raise a successful person.

The lecturer chose such a topic for a good reason, as according to Danny, nowadays there are many problems in the relationship of children and their parents. The lecture touched upon the concept of a successful family and a certain framework in the upbringing of children.  The counselor emphasized the role of a good and strong relationship with the children in different age periods and explained the basic aspects of each of such periods. Also the specialist shared with the audience the secrets of education in Jewish families.

The peculiarity of this lecture was that it contained not only a theoretical but also a rather extensive practical part. The parents were able to get advice directly from Danny Shandor, an expert with a 25 year practical experience in the question and answer format.

With such a great demand of more knowledge in the subject, the Menorah Centre will continue the series of lectures, meetings that are of interest to present and future parents. Announcements of these events will be on the Center’s website in the near future.