Rent office

For rent: premises of the Holocaust Memorial Complex and the Menorah Multifunctional Center located at 4/26 Sholom Aleichem St, Dnepr, with a separate entrance and a total area of 582 square meters (361 sq. m. on floor 1 and 221 sq. m. on floor 0), under the following conditions:
1. The exclusive purpose: activity in the health sector, in particular the activities of medical institutions, medical and dental practices;
2. The monthly rental fee is UAH 60, VAT included. The rent does not include the payment of utility services (extra charge);
3. In these premises it will be prohibited:
– To operate on the day of Shabbat (“Shabbat” from the old Jewish is “rest”: it is the Jewish Saturday, the seventh day of the week, day of peace and joy, dedicated to God. The Shabbat mode starts on Friday, 18 minutes before the sunset, and lasts until nightfall (approximately one hour after the sunset on Saturday);
– To operate on Jewish holidays (11 days per year).
4. It is mandatory to provide medical services for Jewish patients of retirement age at a price no greater than the cost.
5. The tenant shall deliver medical, therapeutic and diagnostic services with strict observance of the norms of ethics and morality of Judaism.
6. The tenant shall respect the Brit Milah commandments (circumcision), considering the requirements of religious Judaism.

Information by phone +38 (056) 717 77 82