A session of the Sunday University will be held on August 17 at the Menorah center

Tkumah Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and the Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine Museum invite to take part in a Sunday University session, which will be held on August 17 at 11:00 am at the Menorah center (video room, 3rd floor, corner elevator).


Valentin Rybalka, a researcher at Tkumah Institute will talk about “the international situation on the eve of the Second World War”. During the session the following issues will be addressed:


1. Strengthening of Germany and the policy of revision of the Versailles Treaty

2. The failure of attempts to create a collective security system and the policy of “appeasement”

3. “Reshaping” of Europe in 1935 – 1939

4. The Molotov – Ribbentrop’s Pact as a prologue to the Second World War


Everyone is welcome to participate. Admission is free.