The wedding in the Pchelkin’s House is now possible also on Saturday

Dear Friends, what is the most suitable day for the wedding?
Of course, it’s Saturday!

After all, you do not need to worry that some of the invited guests will not be able to get to your holiday due to their weekday cares, and you will not have to finish the celebration too early, because the next day there is no need to leave for anywhere early in the morning.

That is why, due to the early exodus of Shabbat during the winter, the Pchelkin’s Mansion is now opening its doors on Saturday to hold your beautiful and unforgettable wedding ceremonies.

Wedding in the Pchelkin’s Mansion is A Beautiful Start of History …
We look forward to seeing you at 5 Uspenskaya Square.
To order a ceremony, please call:
+38 067 539 99 21
+38 095 740 68 56
+38 097 673 21 81