Millennium Theater – bold performances of a young team

This is the fifth occasion already that Kyiv-based Millennium Theater shows its performances in the city of Dnipro, and three of them have been hosted by the Menorah Center. This time the young and highly creative team, directed by its Manager Marina Izmaylova and Art Director Nadezhda Ilchenko, has presented three performances for the judgment of local spectators: comedies “Refurbishment, or restoration of feelings” and “Bad boys”, and a tragicomedy “Arachne”. To get more details on the history and life of this art union, we had a meeting with Marina and Nadezhda at the Sinai Hall right before the start of the performance.

— Nadezhda, the preparation for the performance are truly boiling at the stage, and probably you, as the director, have certain worries and concerns, because you are still a quite young team. Could you tell us about the birth of your theater?

Nadezhda: — Everything started from our acquaintance with Marina. We felt that we had a common idea and a wish to set up a theater. At the beginning of this process we were a bit scared and did not understand many things and nuances. However, both the resoluteness and a strive for creative work overcame all fears. The list of our first actors included my friends, Theatrical University students of the same year, and colleagues.

— Which performances did you choose as a première?

Nadezhda: — Our first audience consisted of children. We prepared an interactive performance for them, called “Alice’s Adventures”. The première was a true shock and unbelievable experience for professional actors. The stage and the audience hall turned into a single space, where children could freely run out to the stage and take the most active part in the show. Later on we gradually introduced quite serious and dramatic performances and musical shows into our repertoire. The first one was the “Arachne” performance based on the L’Orchestre piece-concert by Jean Anouilh. Today this play, after two years at the stage, got a new life, and the audience is going to see an absolutely new performance.

— Can we say you have a kind of a special trait? What is a distinctive feature of your theater?

Nadezhda: — Our distinctive feature is, probably, our fearlessness. We are not afraid of doing something in a different way. Sometimes, for instance, it is on the brink of black humor, and spectators are surprised themselves that in some comedies they are laughing at some things that are not funny at all. Since our actors are young, our performances are quite bold. However, it is truly surprising that our audience consists of absolutely different persons, with both youngsters and elderly people.

— Marina, how wide is the geography of your tours?

Marina: — Probably it is not as wide as we would like it to be, but cities we have already been to always receive with special warmth and cordiality. Odessa, Kharkiv, Poltava, Zhytomyr, and, of course, Dnipro – the city, where we had our first guest performance and which has already become a native one for us.

— Let’s hope that we will not have to wait long for your next visit.

Nadezhda: — We are currently doing the rehearsals on some new performances and will for surely rejoice our Dnipro audience with several premières in autumn. Do look at the posters – we are always happy to see both old and new guests.