“The Temptation” exhibition

March 7

To mark the International Women’s Day, a unique exhibition of paintings by Anna Bakalova, dedicated to female beauty, abundance and happiness is to open up at the Art Gallery of the Menorah Cultural and Business Center.

Anna’s pictures reflect the feminine, show that a woman leads with her femininity, reflect relationships, the places where she happens to be, her abundance in all forms. Her paintings create a mood that is able to breathe life and excellent aesthetic properties into any interior. Oil paintings are the works that rivet glance, immerse people in a special world, the world of fantasy and magic. The pictures give people the beauty and fill their lives with the brightest colors.

The opening will take place on March 7 at 17:00
Free admission
Inquiries are welcome by phone +38 (098) 826-36-76, +38 (056) 717-70-00